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Guidelines provided by Mark Elenowitz for selecting scholarship criteria

If you are considering a scholarship for needy students, you have to plan diligently. Scholarship programs reveal a lot about the personality and also a vision of the entrepreneur. Mark Elenowitz it is like giving back to the community and assisting budding minds in attaining their potential. Be careful that thousands of applicants may absorb you. Filtering through these applications is a time-consuming and also daunting task.

It is here that the role of technology comes into being. Setting up scholarship criteria is the most crucial step. For ensuring your financial assistance is reaching the deserving recipient. Before setting the scholarship criteria, you have to develop a reasonable understanding of what scholarship criteria are? Simply speaking, it is like adding a few filters for students so that you protect yourself from too many applications. Establishing clear standards will help the team more confidently and quickly review applications and choose the deserving candidate.

Mark Elenowitz illustrates the process of setting scholarship criteria

After looking at the scholarship criteria’ details, you must develop a reasonable awareness of the steps included in formulating scholarship criteria. Hence, pay attention to the following points in enough details:

GPA: Consistent and great GPA is a regularly assessed criterion. Many scholarships need at least three or even a three-point five. If the award is an annual amount, as opposed to a one-time award. You may require the student to maintain a certain GPA.

Financial requirement: Most scholarships come with financial needs. You aim to help talented students who do not have the financial resources to take care of their educational obligations. You want to provide them with an opportunity to attend their school and college and take care of the growing expenditures.

Geographic boundaries: Another well-known criterion for choosing the applicant is geographic thresholds. It is not a good decision to allow students of distant colleges to use your funds for attaining education, says Mark Elenowitz. They may establish networks and find local jobs after completing their degree.

Current team members: You can restrict the applicant to immediate members of current employees of your venture. It is an excellent perk for your workforce, with youngsters who are on their verge of attending college? However, do not be too stringent with your restrictions.


Demographics: For creating an applicant pool, the scholarship committee uses demographic restrictions. It helps to create a level playing field for providing underprivileged students with similar opportunities. It gets based on the demographics of the employees, community, or institution. Keep in mind that demographics is a recent scholarship criterion that has shown its face in most parts of the world. Scholarship providers are increasingly taking an interest in this aspect of the scholarship program.

Field of interest: Your company aims to encourage students to enter a field of study in their capacity. According to Marx Elenowitz, it will help in adding the recruitment further. It will help fill the human resource shortage that you may have been experiencing for a long time. On the other hand, you may be simply interested in promoting a particular field of interest to improve your industry as a whole.

Mark Elenowitz these are a few of many potential guidelines that can help you in setting up a scholarship program. Further, you have to explore other criteria which are in conformity with your venture and which provides financial backing to needy students.

Guidelines you should provide students to avail themselves the scholarship they want

The students are the cornerstone of the scholarship program—every scholarship helps provide financial support to the learners. Students belonging to poor socio-economic backgrounds may avail of these programs to take care of the financial obligations. For this, they must take good care of the following points:

Grab information on different types of scholarships: There is no single type of scholarship available out there. It is because scholarships get based on distinct criteria. Some give weightage to academic achievement while others on sports and underrepresented groups. Your job as a learner is to focus on the details and also estimates of each scholarship. Give careful attention to their norms so that you can choose the one which suits your requirement.

Financial Assistance

Finding the perfect scholarship: The search for a scholarship program is not an easy task. Scholarships play the role of providing financial assistance, which takes care of their struggle to get a good education.  There are relatively simple and different ways to go about the process. Students must search the database and the digital platform and register for many scholarship searches. They must talk to the counselors and other experts on the digital platform and friends and family members to help students get reliable input on different scholarships. Asking the universities for their scholarship programs and looking for companies who sponsor education are other areas to explore.

Compile the requirements: After choosing multiple scholarships to apply, a sense of management is crucial. They must stick to the deadline and workout their essay as fast as possible. They must create a spreadsheet to keep track of the deadlines and requirements. The scholarship comes with different documentation requirements. Asking the authorities for reliable input on the process is vital. Some of them require cover letters and also transcripts. Their role is to provide relevant information.

It comes without saying that the students may avail scholarship programs, but it requires a sense of seriousness. They must work on your writing skills and also furnish a letter of recommendation when asked. Hence, they should be proactive, attentive, and also honest in their approach.

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